PPL training

Private Pilot Licence – PPL(H)

If you are looking for a new and exciting challenge, a quick way of getting around the country, or just a novel way to enjoy yourself, training for a Helicopter Private Pilot Licence could be for you! The licence allows you to fly helicopters privately with friends and family as passengers. It is also the first step to becoming a commercial helicopter pilot.

Commercial Pilot Licence – CPL(H)

Want to fly for a living? A Commercial Pilot Licence is essential if you want to advance your PPL(H) and get paid to do the job you love.

CPL training

Helicopter Services offers CPL(H) modular training at our base at Wycombe Air Park.
The pre-requirements are that the applicant has passed the CPL(H) exams, has completed 155 hours in helicopters at least 50 of which are pilot in command and 10 hours cross-country. Please give us a call to discuss pricing.

Flight Instructor Rating – FI(H), TRI(H), IRI(H)

Flight Instructor Rating 2

Having just gained a commercial licence, a flight instructor rating is a standard route that pilots take to keep flying and to vastly improve their abilities. This rating allows you initially to teach for the private licence, but is also the starting block to move into advanced training.

Instrument Rating 1

Instrument Rating – IR(H)

Often considered the most difficult qualification to gain as a helicopter pilot, the instrument rating requires both skill and dedication. It allows you to fly helicopters under IFR down to a decision height of 200ft. This means that in low cloud or low visibility conditions, you may be able to continue to operate.

Type Ratings

We offer type rating conversion and training on the following aircraft:

  • Robinson R22
  • Guimbal Cabri G2
  • Robinson R44Type Rating
  • Robinson R66
  • Bell 206 Jetranger
  • Bell 205
  • Bell 47
  • Alouette II
  • Hughes 269
  • Hughes 500
  • EC120
  • EC130
  • AS350 Single Squirrel
  • AS355 Twin Squirrel
  • SA341 Gazelle
  • Agusta 109
  • Agusta Westland 109

Night Rating 1

Night Rating

This add-on for your Private Pilot Licence or Commercial Pilot Licence is a new challenge. Your night rating will vastly improve your ability to fly on instruments whilst letting you observe the beauty of the country at night.

Flight Examiner Rating – FE(H), TRE(H)

FEHelicopter flight examiners hold a lot of responsibility, setting the standards across the industry and ensuring that they are maintained. With your flight examiner rating, you will start by conducting Proficiency Checks and PPL(H) skills tests. On achieving certain criteria, you can advance into TRE(H) testing for Operator Proficiency Checks and further advanced testing.

Advanced Flying Programme

We have introduced an “Advanced Flying Programme” in order for our licence holders to further their flying.
LondonCourses and events include:

Mountain Flying in North Wales – two-day weekend event.
Bad weather awareness and implications course.
Le Touquet Channel crossing.
Fly-away to Isle of Wight.
Fly-away to Compton Abbas.
Fly-away to Culdrose – visit military helicopters in their environment.
Navigation competition for members and their friends
Tactical nap of the earth flying in simulated combat situations.London
Southern Ireland trip (weekend).
Isle of Skye (weekend).
Flight to centre of Paris (Issy) – two day weekend event
Heli-route across London training.