Simulator (2)Helicopter Services has available an EASA approved FNPT II synthetic training device. The Flight Navigation and Procedures Trainer is used extensively in the Instrument Rating course to allow the student to learn instrument flying in a safe environment, whilst cutting the cost of the training considerably. The simulator is used in both our IRI and TRE courses but can be used for revision too.

Of the 50 hours required for an initial instrument rating, up to 40 hours may be simulated time.

For an ICAO instrument rating conversion, 10 hours of the required 15 may be simulated.

Our simulator is based on a Bell 206 Jet Ranger with a full instrument panel, dual controls and trim. With the ability to simulate night, snow, rain and cloud, there are a wide range of applications, including 5 hours of instrument training in the CPL(H) course for the night rating. Emergency situations can realistically be created and the simulator has autorotational capability so that engine failures at night and in IMC can be practised. Many airfields have been modelled in the software we run, allowing students to familiarise themselves with the airfield procedures and recognise the visual clues around the base.

Simulator (1)If you already hold your CPL licence but think you may benefit from refresher training before your Instrument Rating revalidation or simply want to improve your instrument flying skills, then call Helicopter Services and book some time with one of our simulator instructors at our White Waltham base.