Load Lifting

Load Lifting 1Load Lifting 2Many load lifting problems can be resolved more cost-effectively and more quickly by using a helicopter rather than a conventional crane. With the ability to lift loads of 800kg in our twin squirrel and capacity for higher weights in other helicopters which we have access to, arranging your lift couldn’t be easier.

Using a helicopter eliminates transit time to the site, assembly before and de-rigging of cranes afterwards. The local area can be cleared quickly with less disruption and the site and surrounding area remains undamaged and intact. Minimising these compensation costs are important considerations to our pilots as well, so you can rest assured that the job will be done safely and to the highest safety standards.

Load Lifting 3Helicopter Services have been lifting using helicopters over the past fifteen years in most parts of Europe and the USA. Our pilots have the highest Civil Aviation Authority and Federal Aviation Authority qualifications, with many thousands of flying hours. All of our pilots are continually and rigorously checked to ensure flying currency and operational safety.

Helicopter Services are pleased to work with existing crane operators or other helicopter operators to complete your load lifting task.

So Contact Us for a quote and see how much you could save compared to a crane operator!

Load Lifting from Helicopter Services

We can provide a tailored service for your needs, or a choice of the applications below:

    Fire-fighting at inaccessible sites
    Delivering air conditioning units to hospitals and industrial buildings
    Relocating steel gantries for football stadiums and construction sites
    Adding extensions for radio masts
    Positioning of equipment into inaccessible sites e.g. diggers and dumpers
    Moving pre-formed swimming pools into gardens where access is limited
    Agricultural applications or concrete laying/moving

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