Aerial Work

aerial work3 Many aerial work and lifting problems can be resolved quickly and more cost-effectively by using a helicopter rather than a conventional crane.

At Helicopter Services, we strive to get the job done in the most efficient and safest possible manner, saving you hassle and money. Talk to us about relocating trees, moving industrial air conditioning units or agricultural needs to see how much you could save.

aerial work 2

We can also help with your aerial photography and aerial filming needs. For stunning shots of the London skyline, a view of your house from the air, or to immortalise a special event with film and photographs, talk to us for a quote. Photographs can be taken from our single engine helicopters, or our twin engine helicopters if the required shot is over a built-up area .

Aerial Photography and Filming

We have twenty years of extensive experience with aerial photography and filming world-wide.

The locations have been extremely varied, from mountainous regions to deserts and oceans. We have worked with our clients to undertake filming tasks with the appropriate camera equipment to enable the end result to be completed in the minimum of time and cost.

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Our credits include promotional videos for blue-chip companies, feature films for BBC, ITV, Sky, Channel 4, news gathering missions and photography for national newspapers. To start planning your filming or photography, view our aerial photography and filming page.

The pilots at Helicopter Services, through thousands of hours of flying experience, are used to working to exacting standards within the industry and providing you with the shot that you need.

Aerial Work – Load Lifting

We can lift loads up to 800kgs and source helicopters which have the capacity for heavier lifts.

Using a helicopter eliminates transit time to the site, assembly before and de-rigging of cranes afterwards. Aerial work means that the local area can be cleared quickly with less disruption and the site and surrounding area remains undamaged and intact.

Aerial work 1

Helicopter Services offer a range of load lifting services, which can be viewed in more detail on our Load Lifting page. We have previously: relocated glass panelling to roofs of London, moved a jacuzzi to a rooftop terrace and flown a Vauxhall Corsa down the River Thames.